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How do I buy a business?

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Work Your Way Into Ownership

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After ten years of working at Ironbound,  Howard Kent gained a new appreciation for the profitability of pipes and arranged to buy the business.

Do What Others Won't Do

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The Woodhaven Chevrolet dealership is now buzzing with customers and employees who run to provide service, but it wasn't always that way.

Buy A Business And Right Wrong

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The Calise Brothers took the business that their grandfather started and rescued it from the bad management it had endured when their father and uncle ran the company. They discovered that fixing an old company can be harder than starting a new one.  This is the oldest brother, Michael.

Buy A Business From Your Boss

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Don started at Record Technology as a temporary employee working in the shipping room. But, had he not loved the business and had he not learned it thoroughly and had he not won the confidence of the founder, who knows where Don would be today.

Look Before You Leap

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Since Paul was fired from Oscar Meyer, he was forced to make changes in his life. He liked living in Madison and decided to become a small business owner by purchasing an existing business. 

Buy A Big Company's Mistakes

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John Hawkins reinvented a bankrupt Super Shuttle franchise in San Diego; he  turned it into a thriving operation known as  Cloud 9 Shuttle, then he sold it to Super Shuttle!  You meet John in the earlier stages of his journey.    More...

Buy A Business You Love

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Mickey Finn's has been "a place to go" when all others abandoned downtown.  It has been a drinking establishment for over a hundred years.  More...

Be Able to Take On Debt

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Chris Fortune and his wife Sara got into business by buying out a founder who was ready to quit.

Pay with Sweat

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When the founder of Feasel  was ready to retire, a long-time employee was ready to buy.

Take the Plunge

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Lupe Fraga was able to buy a business when the owner offered to carry the financing, his girlfriend made him a loan and his Mom let him live at home.  Today his is married to Irene, the girl who helped him get started, and they have built Tejas Office up over $40 million in annual sales.       More...