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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

How do I discover unmet needs?

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Serve The Underserved

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Paul and Vicki determined before they bought an existing business that they had to change their product to avoid head-to-head competition with the big guys. 

Develop More Products To Serve Current Customers

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Ebby Halliday and Mary Frances Burleson say that loyal customers return if you give them more to buy and 'tie the bow' on every transaction.

Pay Attention To Spot Opportunity

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In a move some saw as twisted logic, Anne Beiler launches what will become a pretzel empire. More...

Go for the Impossible

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Shiv Krishnan always dreamed big and today he has what most of us consider a big company.  It didn't happen overnight and he prepared with education and by doing things very small when he started on his own.  Now he has over 500 employees and  the biggest customer in the world.   More...

Think Of Your Mind As A Mine

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On April 10, 1790, President George Washington signed a bill that became the foundation for the American patent system. Host Hattie Bryant reminds us that it was Abraham Lincoln who one of the most strident advocates of the US patent office. More...

Think for Yourself

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Bob Sakata finds better ways to serve his employees and customers by watching, listening and thinking on his own.

Listen to the Marketplace

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Bill Lofft is the CFO and he explained how Steve and Jim evaluated the opportunity to move into using technology to reach thousands rather than hundreds of potential customers.

Exploit Your Assets

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From business strategy to marketing philosophy, when Marc Katz decided to stay open 24 hours a day, he came up with the slogan everybody in Austin knows, "Katz's Never Kloses."