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Keep Dreaming

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These brothers seem to have it all. They keep dreaming about a better future.  Someday they will sell coffee in a free Cuba.  This is Enrique, Jose and Angel Souto.   More

Follow your dreams

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From an episode of Small Business Today, we discover a high-end women's dress shop which is named after the founder, Yvonne La Fleur. Yvonne has us consider six key ideas (right column). Each key idea has a key question. Cursor over the question and click. Sometimes it opens up more answers!

Small business is about courage, risk-taking...

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These are opening words of every episode of the show; Hattie continues,

"...and we small business owners are survivors. Everybody has an idea for a business, but how do you take that idea from mind to market? This is the place to learn."   Hattie live...

Go to the closing of every episode of the show where these first principles, the very foundations of every episode, continue to unfold.