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Last Update: Friday December 15, 2017

How does an owner keep employees happy and productive?

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Create Work That Isn't Work

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When work feels like  play, time disappears.  Work can be fun, rewarding, educational, and even uplifting.  This is Cathy Price.    More...

Give Employees The Newest Tools

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Jose Souto explains that new tools and cutting-edge technology improves morale and productivity. 

Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated

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These men watched their father and uncle fight and fume so they knew how not to treat each other as they stepped in to lead the company to profits.  These owners practice the golden rule. 

Help Others Excel

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Glenn says there are no two people alike. If we could all grasp this, it would save us a lot of frustration and even heartache.

Delegate With Design

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Like a true artist, owner Pam McNair said you must delegate with design. More...

Make Every Employee E-Responsible

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Adam Ginsburg, founder of Aptrix, knows that some business owners and IT professionals might have nightmares if every employee had access to a page on the company's web site. However, he believes that the net should become an extension of each person's work area.   More...

Conduct Global Business On Your Turf

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In an e-culture your virtual business is becoming more key to your success than your physical business because your business is 24-by-7-global.  9-to-5 is dead,.  And, each of us now must decide when-where-and-how to conduct our business.     More...   More about virtual office...

Reward with a Splash

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Never in all of our studies of small and growing companies have we ever run into a group that has as much fun rewarding people for accomplishment.  Top producers get to be the stars of a film made by a fellow employee.  With a "Star Wars" theme, this Modern Postcard Image Award film was a big hit.

Put People First

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Hattie discovers that all three of the men in this episode are convinced that by putting people first some kind of magic happens and the business prospers.