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How do I spot an opportunity?

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Consider Government Work (do it faster-cheaper-better)

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The US government is the world's largest customer.  Small businesses like AZ Tech deliver products faster, cheaper and better than all other suppliers.   This is the International Space Station. Can you spot the space shuttle?   What time it is up there?   Ans: The same as Greenwich Mean Time TZ13

Apply A Proven Idea To A New Product

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Glenn lost his job and he needed to figure out how to make a living.

Learn To See What's Not There

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Frank Jao envisioned a home away from home for immigrants from Viet Nam. After watching this video and reading the Q&A (case study guide), you can go to the homepage  for this episode or click on the key question  for other insightful answers.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

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Shiv saw the opportunity to couple his engineering and technology skills to solve problems others had left unsolved.  His company is named after a special place in India. He chose this because INDUS combines the first three letters of his home country with US, the abbreviation of his adopted country.

Refine A Trend

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In the past 30 years this country has been obsessed with nutrition, health, diets and high performance foods.  Surfers want healthy food and Wahoo's serves it up.

Start Someplace

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In 1984 Ishmael Ahmed hired Ahmad and paid him $5 an hour. The two laugh about this now that Ahmad is such a success with the idea he incubated in that first job.

Jump on a Trend

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Today more than 50% of the profits come from a service the founder never would have dreamed of when she opened for business.  Here employees tend to indoor landscaping at a large hospital.

Live Like Your Customers Live

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Scott Mooney started his business to serve other horse owners.  This is Scott with his children on their family farm where they live and where Scott has his company headquarters.  More...

Reinvent Yourself

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Richard Stanley and his partner Joe Wasserman tried to quit. They came separately to Great Barrington to relax, retire and, perhaps, fiddle around real estate and whatever caught their fancy. They met while attending a town meeting, and as entrepreneurs will do, they talked about their dreams for improving Great Barrington's historic business district.

Change to Match Market Needs

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Owner Donna Brice was quick to change when she saw an opportunity to provide technology staffing.