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Last Update: Tuesday July 27, 2021

How do I make it easy for customers to do business with me?

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Put Customers On Your Team

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The AZ teams always include a person who works for their customer.  This is space paint being tested.

Make Business Easy for Customers

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At Flap Happy, customers get what they ask for. L.L. Bean is selling a cap with matching mittens as a set so Laurie provides the simple packaging to make it easier for them to ship the items together. More...

Coddle Customers

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Cindy Simpson, manager of the Fess Parker Winery wine club, stresses the importance of membership privileges and unique product offerings.

Teach People To Be Nice

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Anne Beiler believes that to get nice employees you must be nice, train nice and expect it in the treatment of customers.

Reach Customers In Multiple Ways

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You have to reach customers in the ways that they want to be reached.  Before  fax or email, Johnny Cash just called up David on the telephone.  Those were the good old days.

Say Yes

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Necessity is the mother of invention! Even though you have never done something before, if you are confident and knowledgeable and think you can do it, say "Yes" to your customer and then go figure out how to fulfill their request. 

Look for Neglected Customers

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Blair Taylor owns and Athlete's Foot Store in Compton (near Los Angeles).  He says no retailer or business owner should shy away from any neighborhood if he has a product that the people in that neighborhood want or need. Blair is now the CEO of the LA Urban League.

Use E-Meetings To Improve Quality

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In an e-culture people collaborate; most meetings and all video-conference calls will have given way to collaboration events; and these will become more like concerts where most peope are in the orchestra or the choir. There are seldom any observers, spectators, or audience. To learn more from Nigel Skeffington and his business, Time Technology, study that episode in depth.

Teach Customers To Be E-Efficient

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Greg Steckler started landing customers from around the world back in 1996! He posted a web site and soon orders from the web surpassed orders from his yellow page ad.   More...

Let Customers Build Products Online

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At Modern Postcard, customers build print products online.     More...