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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

How do I keep customers coming back?

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Communicate With Customers

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Direct mail is a cost effective way for a small business to stay in touch with customers and prospects so building a mailing an email list should be goal #1 for every business owner.

Make Customers Very Happy

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Customer testimonies are a key to unlock sales and to get those testimonials you have to make sure that customers are more than satisfied.

Treat Customers Like Family

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Perry Gates, an owner of Maine Gold, produces a fantastic maple syrup that is surpassed only by the sweet smell of success earned through a loyal customer following.

Be Part of the Market You Serve

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Another way to say this is, "Speak your customer's language."   The Navarros are Cuban and they all speak Spanish. All of the employees speak Spanish and they serve communities in Miami which is 50% Latin. Here are Jose and Gloria Navarro in their first location decades ago!

Become a Local Icon

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Katz's has earned the reputation as local icon on 6th Street in Austin, Texas.