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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

How do I build a great reputation?

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Say No To Some Opportunities

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You may be tempted to take work just for the money.  Owner Ashley Postlewaite and her partner Darrell Van Citters would advise against that practice. They've built a solid business by saying no to projects that don't fit their mission. 

Protect Your Reputation

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Errol Pollnow (below)  and John Stockbridge have had their ups and downs.  When John failed in his first venture, he made sure it taint his name.  Errol says, "We're a very small business, we're in a remote part of the world... and we decided to target the whole planet ..."

Become an Institution

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Host Hattie Bryant points out that it took decades for Milton Moses to see his dreams actualize.