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Last Update: Sunday March 29, 2020

How do I build a big business fast?

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Build with People You Know

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Jodi Johnson and her former boss,  Dave Young, worked together for decades before they launched their own company. They have complementary strengths which make for a strong leadership team.
In another video, visit with Dave to study this company's first principles.   And even more...

Hire Big Business Experience

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Host Hattie Bryant says that Anne was able to go from $2 to $60 million in annual sales because she saw the need for big systems.

Build Lasting Relationships

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Joe Kreutz  tried to retire but investors came to him with a pile of  money to start a  new bank.  Quickly he was up and running  with a team of people he had worked with for years.

Hire from Big Business

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Bill Hagstrom worked for a huge health care company.  He was brought in to rescue what the investors thought could be a ship sinking with their dollars.