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Be Mission-Driven

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Donna said her mission is, "To bring awareness about natural skin-care products to people through education and through the joy of using them."     More...

Focus On What You Know Uniquely

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Cowgirl Enterprises shows how Donna Baase put her life experience into a 2 ounce bottle.     More...

Move Out Of The House

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You've read about the surge of home-based businesses. Yes, this is a happening, but staying at home could keep you smaller than you want to be. 

Outsource Manufacturing

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Donna Baase is not interested in running a manufacturing plant. She wants to give her customers unique, botanical based skin products.

Develop Multiple Sales Channels

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Donna was patient and used her own market to test and validate her products before she expanded. She also discovered that sales can come from surprising places.

Treat People With Deep Respect

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Pam McNair knows that people are the raw materials you must commit to working with, day in and day out, if you want to grow a company.     More...

Do A Lot With A Little

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In 1940, operating out of a single pharmacy in Havana, Cuba, Jose Navarro, Sr. taught his sons the true meaning of customer service. People don't get sick just during banker's hours, and Navarro worked long into the night to ensure that his customers' prescriptions were filled promptly.  More...

Pour Your Earnings Into The Future

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Marcel Navarro told us that Navarro Pharmacy moved from a 38,000 square foot warehouse to a 97,000 square foot warehouse in 1997.  This allows them to offer more competitive prices as they can stock larger quantities of their private label products.

Be Part of the Market You Serve

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Another way to say this is, "Speak your customer's language."   The Navarros are Cuban and they all speak Spanish. All of the employees speak Spanish and they serve communities in Miami which is 50% Latin. Here are Jose and Gloria Navarro in their first location decades ago!

Inspect What You Expect

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Navarro Pharmacy is big now. There's a corporate office and it would be easy for the owners to sit at their desks and look at reports generated by the company's sophisticated software. However, Luis Navarro visits stores everyday and on this day he lets Hattie tag along.