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Do Business Your Customer's Way

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Gerald Tebola at Houston's Health Science Center says Tejas Office Supply was quick to accommodate its request that products be delivered in plastic bins that are recycled back to Tejas.

Become a Magnet for Talent. Know Your Chemistry.

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Scientists here are working on very big problems like inventing a product to replace wood for the construction of low-cost housing.  And then,  there's the challenge of keeping tires out of landfills.    This research team is free to chase their ideas even if those ideas seem crazy. It is all about chemistry.  More...

Out Serve the Big Guys

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Leonor Ferrer was born in Mexico City and became an American citizen over two decades ago.  She speaks the language of the small importers and she provides all the service the big competitors offer.

Create a Product Around a New Law

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Truckers who own their own rig turned out to be a sweet niche for a new company to serve.

Execute Near Perfection

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Customers doing business online expect ordering to be quick and easy.