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Invent An Industry

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David Milly started in the lighting business when there was almost no equipment. As he said, entertainers would just walk in a room and put on a show using available light.  David is proof that you can grow your business by growing your industry.   More...

Make A Quantum Leap

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NoUVIR teaches that truly new ideas are hard to come by.  Meet co-founder Jack Miller.   More..

Add Wire Whenever and Wherever You Can

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This is the wire that will be hooked up to the computer that will run this home being built by E. M. Rose Builders.  This idea is a metaphor for thinking ahead and giving your customer service that they will need in the future. More...

Recruit an Insider

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Chris Ham and his partners in TMC Design built a thriving and highly-technical business serving the military and the communications industry. More...