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Import A Good Idea

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What does New Zealand have in common with Southern California?  Beaches and fair-skinned children.  The hat that helps kids in one part of the world turns out to help kids everywhere. More...

Finance Without A Bank

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There are no business startup bank loans.  Every founder who wins money from a banker to get going had personal assets to use as collateral.  Or, they might have been lucky to convince a friend or family member to co-sign on a loan.  Laurie Synder, founder of Flap Happy, had to look beyond banks to make her darling hats. More...

Recruit Your Family

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Wally Snyder, Laurie's husband, loves being with their children so he took over the moment-by-moment parenting duties yet he is also responsible for the physical plant of the company. More...

Ask Family to Work for Free

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The name, Flap Happy, is part of the company's success. Laurie was fortunate that her father, Marty, had spent over 30 years in the advertising business. The name came to them out of brainstorming session and Marty was vital to the discussion. More...

Sell, Sell, Sell

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The old-fashioned, face-to-face selling still plays a role in revenue generation for Flap Happy.  Laurie's Mom, Judy, leads the sales efforts. More...

Surpass Customer Expectations

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Flap Happy products are sold by some tiny retail shops and in some of the world's biggest catalogs.  Laurie is proud that her little business makes the big guys very happy. More...

Make Business Easy for Customers

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At Flap Happy, customers get what they ask for. L.L. Bean is selling a cap with matching mittens as a set so Laurie provides the simple packaging to make it easier for them to ship the items together. More...

Set Profit Margin Goals

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Host Hattie Bryant says that increasing sales won't necessarily increase profits.

Communicate With Customers

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Laurie mails a catalog to customers and also posts her catalog on the web.  At markets she gathers more leads to add to her list.

Strive For Perfection

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The look on this designer's face says it all.  She is not happy and she is looking for ways to improve the product she is studying.  Everyone at Flap Happy is stretching to get better everyday.