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Texas Nameplate

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Texas Nameplate

Start Small

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You can start a business on a wing and a prayer and if you start small enough you can shield yourself  from major disappointment or financial loss.

Avoid A 50-50 Partnership

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Roy Crownover,  the founder of Texas Nameplate, explains that shared ownership is not the same as shared leadership. 33-33-33 is OK, but 50-50 is an accident waiting to happen. No matter how well you and your business partner complement each other, no matter how clearly you are able to define each other's roles and responsibilities, there will come a point when you fundamentally disagree on an issue.

Make Room For Just One Boss

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The founder of  Texas Nameplate was smart to step aside when his son, Dale Crownover, was ready to lead the company.  You learn that  employees deserve to know who is in charge so seniors have to remove themselves to make room for fresh ideas.

Have A Banker When You Don't Need One

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Founder of Texas Nameplate, Roy Crownover, talks about how to get banks to work for you.

Establish A Quality Program

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After being in business 50 years, with all its ups and downs, the company was in a rut. Dale Crownover was encouraged by a customer to get involved in a formal continuous improvement program and that changed everything.    More on Dale...   More on Excellence...

Require Every Employee To Be Accountable

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Every person worth having on your payroll wants desperately to know if they are doing good or if they are doing bad. This is because great employees thrive when they have something to measure that will show the personal contribution they make to the process. 

Measure Customer And Employee Satisfaction

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The people part of every business has two components:  there are customers and there are employees. Knowing how all of these people feel is critical to your success. 

List What Drives Your Business

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Here we study the first small business to win the Malcolm Baldrige Award.  Hattie says that at Texas Nameplate priorities are put in writing and this helps everyone stay focused. More...

Use Technology To Track Processes

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When Roy started Texas Nameplate he could not have imagined the efficiencies that technology has brought to the company.

Be A Good Place To Work

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Your employees will tell you by their attitudes and their actions if your company is  good place to work.   All of the owners we know agree that happy employees are productive.

Prepare For Hard Times

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The good business owners make running a business look easy but don't be fooled.  It's harder than it looks.   There are always struggles that require cash and determination.