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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

Opportunity Knocks

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Opportunity Knocks

Join a Peer Group

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As a cashed-out entrepreneur, Jim Schell started an organization to provide business owners with a place to go to give and receive advice.  Here are more insights from Jim:   Understand your financials,   On selling the business, and  Staying Power.

Ask Peers for Help

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Cristiana Ocosta is the founder of Ocosta Designs.  As a member of Opportunity Knocks she feels she gets real-time advice from people who have often learned lessons the hard way.  More...

Share Problems with Other Owners

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Pamela Hulse Andrews, founder of Cascade Business News, says that going to Opportunity Knocks is refreshing.

Take Advice to Heart

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Bill Hayes owns The Bend Guitar Shop and he is a member of the retail Opportunity Knocks group.