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Texas Jet

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Texas Jet

Lead With Service

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Texas Jet  is a gas station for airplanes. Fortunately, owner Reed Pigman doesn't use today's gas station as a model for thinking about his business.   Here's an employee filling a customer's tanks as there is no self-service at this FBO.   More...   Go to the homepage

Change When Margins Are Low

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You must have courage to change. Reed Pigman grew up in the family business which was a flight school and an airplane charter service. For forty years his parents worked the business. After graduating from college Reed starting running the flight school however he did not enjoy it and there was very little cash flow.

Give Bankers Hard Assets

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Reed Pigman's banker enjoys visiting the place he helped launch.

Turn Time Into An Asset

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It's hard to remember life before fast food and now it's hard imagine when people had plenty of time. Any highway in America at any given moment is full of people in a hurry. Watch people standing in line at the grocery store and they are all anxious. We want what we want and we don't want to wait for it. This trend is playing into Reed's hand. His business is increasing as fractional ownership of airplanes increases.

Ignore The Word No

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Refuse to take "NO" for an answer. This has been Reed's mantra. Most people who don't own their own business would look at him and say, "Why didn't you just go get a job?" 

Price It High

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Excellence Pays. Reed charges more for fuel than his competitors and at the same time he sells two thirds of all the fuel purchased in his market.

Learn From Other Industries

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Host Hattie Bryant says you can learn from Reed Pigman that it is just as hard to stay the best as it is to become the best.

Invest Yourself In Your Community

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Everyone in Fort Worth, Texas agrees that the volunteer efforts of the business community have transformed an ordinary downtown into an exciting and completely original destination.

Give Employees Respect

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Every strong small company builds a family atmosphere for employees.