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Last Update: Monday July 26, 2021

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Start a Business Grow Your Business

If you are thinking about starting, see how each of these people got over that huge hurdle. For example, Chef Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) tells us how he failed twice before he started again with no money at all.  You'll be empowered!

Most of us learn by doing. Why not learn from others successes? Why not avoid the most common failures? Every business owner on this site shares their insights because they want to see us all get better.  They want prosperity for all people!

Create Jobs Sell Your Business

If you want to grow faster, you'll need to build a team. Creating a job is the first move toward creating a sustainable business where your equity can be valued and sold when you want to do something else with your life!

Baby Boomers are beginning to retire and sell their businesses.  See how others have done it.  Get some return on your life's work. Maximize your equity. Sell your business like you'd sell your home. Liquidation is always the last option.

This school is open online all the time. Your professors, instructors and teachers are people just like you. Everybody here is trying to build their businesses to be profitable while also being ethical and generous.

We know we can make this world a better place.