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This article explores the narratives of China Central Television's Oriental Horizon - a television news magazine show on Chinese television with high audience ratings - through the roles of reporters and their various relationships with the characters in the stories. Using content analysis and interviews, the article examines how Chinese journalists position themselves between the state and the audience in a changing social environment. The author categorizes the patterns of narratives in the programs through three distinctive roles assumed by the reporters: the advocate of state objectives, the voice of the victim and that of social commentator. It seems that by adopting a watchdog role and assuming clear standards of right and wrong, television reporters manage - at least to a certain extent - to provide the audience with a mechanism of accountability in an age of disillusion and ideological crisis in China. By presenting issues as local cases and defining them as moral choices, the programs avoid a critical interrogation of the overall social structure.

Shen Tong

President & Founder, VFinity
New York, NY


 Shen Tong is the founder and president of Vfinity, and a critical voice in shaping the future of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). VFinity’s web-native solution to content management and workflow reflects the power of Web 2.0. Shen Tong’s accomplishments have ranged from being a student activist during China’s Tiananmen Square Movement (1989) to being a respected television producer, technology innovator and social educator worldwide.

In addition to his current company, VFinity, Shen Tong has directed numerous successful ventures since the mid-1990s, including a broadcast production company headquartered in Boston and Beijing that in 1996 produced the top-rated television show in China. He was responsible for an award-winning PSA in 1992, and has partnered with the ABC News magazine ’Day One’ to produce two China-related documentaries shown also in France and Germany. Shen also published a newspaper column in Hong Kong.

His distinguished international career encompasses consulting and strategic planning for Fortune 100 and high-tech companies in more than 20 countries. In addition he has lectured at more than 150 universities, professional associations and think tanks.

Shen Tong was one of Newsweek’s "People of the Year" in 1989, and his accomplishments have been widely reported in major print publications and electronic media. His best-selling book, ’Almost a Revolution,’ about his experiences during China’s student revolution, has been on the market for a decade and a half and is part of the curriculum of numerous educational institutions.

His education began with his undergraduate studies in biology at Beijing University, later he attended Brandeis University, and continued with Ph.D. programs in political philosophy at Harvard University and sociology at Boston University. He lives in New York City with his family.

C9 Media  Beijing - C9 Media, a producer and distributor of interactive TV programming in China, announced on Monday that it has raised $750,000 in new financing, from Dragonvest Partners.

Changhong Group, China's largest TV producer

Huang Hongsheng, board director of the Changhong Group

leading domestic TV producers immediately followed suit, including Konka and Panda.

Ying Da, producer of China's first sitcom, on the set of his new series, ... as the actors on the set of his latest television show get into character   1998

Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group Company and one of the chief judges of "Win in China."

Wang Lifen, presenter and producer of "Win in China," was inspired by "The Apprentice" two years ago when she was studying the US television industry at Yale University and Brookings Institution.

Show me the money
It also follows in the wake of "Super Girl," the most popular singing contest in China.

Hong Xie (Hunter Xie), Leading Chinese Film Director, Beijing
Luo Yan is starting a film marketing and distribution company in China,

John Zhang is an Of Counsel in the Los Angeles office of Greenberg Traurig, LLP, a full-service international law firm. Zhang has served as lead corporate counsel on numerous mergers, acquisitions, private placements and public offerings of securities, and other sophisticated business transactions involving a full spectrum of firms ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

Hong Xie (Hunter Xie), Leading Chinese Film Director, Beijing: By all accounts, Hong Xie (Hunter Xie) ranks easily among the top ten best-known directors in China, where he enjoys the best box office record among all the movie directors. Xie boasts over ten blockbuster films and dozens of hit television series, which were great commercial successes throughout China and other parts of Asia. Five of his films were then No. 1 in box office revenue throughout China and he is widely hailed in China as the best-selling director of all times.

Beijing Shixi Media

Ying Da, maker of China's first sitcom, "I Love My Family," in 1993, and renowned drama director Zhao Baogang.

 Pon de Dios, media director for greater China at U.S. consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble.

 Berry Kwock, a former executive at Singapore's Media Corp. Kwock is now based in Beijing as chief financial officer of Cosmedia Group Holdings Ltd., a TV advertising company headquartered in Hong Kong.

David Lee, vp film and entertainment at the International Data Group, Asia, a leading international investor in media in China

China International General Television Co. in Beijing

China eCapital's Wang

David Wolf, who heads Wolf Group Asia, an independent media consultancy in Beijing.

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