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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

The 30°N 90°W

About this map

There are eight quadrants in the world defined by the numbers 30 and 90. This quadrant is 30° North of the Equator and 90° West of the Prime Meridian or 0° Longitude which is defined by Greenwich England.

As an educational exercise, all the other seven quadrants will be identified and linked from this page.  Most are over water or ice.

30/90: The most simple GPS designation for the 30/90 is in East New Orleans

The NorthEast corner is just northeast  of Franklinton, Mississippi, and is probably in the village of Angie.

The NorthWest corner   is north east of Baton Rouge, closer to Clinton and Norwood and is in the village  of Teddy, Louisiana.

The SouthWest corner   is in the village of Plattenville, 70 miles due east of New Orleans and not far from Grand Bayou, Louisiana.

Over time, every element of this GPS quadrant will be analyzed and context in light of New Orleans.

Key Question: If as a result of this effort, just 10% of the people within this 30/90 footprint were to come to New Orleans just two times a year more than normal, what would be the impact on the local economy?  Might there be a deeper branding with the city, with the Saints, and with all the special events throughout the year?