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Last Update: Friday December 14, 2018

Media: Internet, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and Television


1.  The primary reference page for the global search for the best businesses

2.  The country directory by population

3.  China's business by industry sector:  Agriculture, Architects-construction, finance, education, electronics, integrated services, manufacturing (steel & metals), media, and transportation.

The Key Organisations and People for the Productions in China

For every designated market area of China defined by a population of at least 4 million people,  a unique newspaper, television broadcasting system (including cable) or station, and an internet presence, there could be a working partner to produce an episode of this television show about best practices within business.

This television series needs people to make it work --

  • good businesses to profile  
  • good web visitors to nominate businesses that they love 
  • good editors and business professors to select which businesses should be consider from all those nominated  
  • wonderful web visitors to vote to order which businesses are selected to be first profiled (out of a list of 200, there will be the top ten to be profiled)
  • good production and post production people to tape and edit the rough footage
  • and finally good viewers to elevate the businesses that they love to be selected to air on the national television series.