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Introduction:  Chinese President Hu Jintao said as quoted by the People's Daily, "We should continue to work for the establishment of a sound international economic order and foster an enabling financial, trade and energy environment." 

From a report from People's Daily Online - English version -  the facts cited that from 1978 to 1997, China's output of coal and cloth had remained No.1 (in the world). The output of cereal, cotton, pork, beef, mutton, steel, cement, coal and television sets rose to No.1 in the world. The output of chemical fertilizers climbed to No.2 respectively from No.7 and the output of crude oil increased to No.5 from No.8.

Bruce Camber, the CEO of Small Business School said that he believed that the people of China will enjoy getting to know the finest people in countries from around the world.  And, the world's people will want to know the most creative,  productive business people in China.  It will be good for the world to learn from those people of China who are  compassionate, industrious, and strong.


Population: 13.82 million

Government Agencies:

China State Economic and Trade Commission

Economic Census Office (ECO) of the State Council, Li Qiang, deputy director

China State Economic and Trade Commission

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China, No. 2,  Chaoyangmen Nandajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100701 Tel:86-10-65961114  Mr. Yang Jiechi, The Minister

National Development and Reform Commission

  • China Film Group

    • Film Production Base Project, Yangsong Township

    • The Joint Foundation of Digital Cinema Reconstruction Corporation and Satellite Digital Cinema Distribution

    • China Cinema Development Company

    • China & World Satellite Link Communications Corporation

People's Daily

State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT)


(Population: 16.74 million)

This industrial establishment produces a great variety of capital and consumer goods, including specialized dies, lathes, electronic assembly equipment, watches, cameras, radios, fountain pens, glassware, leather goods, stationery products, and hardware. The city's well-established chemical and petrochemical industries serve as a basis for the production of plastics, synthetic fibres, and other products. Textile manufacturing is also significant

Hong Kong  (Population: 6.78 million)

(much more to come)

Chinese companies under consideration:

(much more to come)

1.  The primary reference page for the global search for the best businesses

2.  The country directory by population

3.  China's business by industry sector:  Agriculture, Architects-construction, finance, education, electronics, integrated services, manufacturing (steel & metals), media, and transportation.

With the best local producers doing hundreds of episodes each year

Let us begin to invite everybody in China, all 1.3+ billion people,  to recommend a business that they love, where there is a genuine story about courage, continuity, creativity and goodness.  These stories would help the world to understand China, her people and heritage.  (Index..)

Estimated Businesses in China: With over 1.3 billion people in China and with the natural entrepreneurial energies of the Chinese people, it  might be a reasonable guess that there are no less than one business owner for every 11 people. That seems to be an average in industrialized nations.  Given China's sustained status as the No. 1 country for economic development for so many years, that ratio could be even be even lower. reports from the Xinhua News Agency  (December 7, 2005)  that the Chinese State Council's Leading Group of First National Economic Census and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) have compiled key information about  legal entities, industrial entities and privately-owned businesses. The 2005 compilation yielded 94.2 million owners.

The report says that there are in China -- "Most of the privately-owned businesses were in the areas of transportation, wholesale and retail sales, catering and services."

One might assume that if there are  94.2 million owners that there might be just as many privately-held businesses in China but in fact this report states "... private enterprises reached 1.98 million (an increase of 49 percent). "   Further there are a reported 456,000 collective enterprises and 192,000 state-owned enterprises.   That would total over 2.5 million legal business entities.    

Zhang Zhuoyuan, a professor at the Institute of Economics under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences believes "...that the number of unregistered individual industrial and commercial businesses is actually much greater than that of the registered ones, especially in small and midsize cities and in rural areas."  (from the Beijing Review, China International Publishing Group)

The oldest.  An interesting challenge would be to see what businesses are the oldest in China and to lift them up for study.  Understanding the deepest aspects of continuity, one of the foundations for this show,  is a key to intelligence, understanding a culture, and even grasping the essential nature of creativity and tenacity.

Identify the culture of integrity, creativity, and goodness.  The goal of this show is to see how people create value in their life and in the world by creating things and services of value.  The foundations for these productions are further examined here.  The opening and closing of each episode exudes the spirit of the show.   These foundations have come from a study within geometry and the very nature of optimization and continuous improvement.

100,000.  The goal of this television show in China will be to list (perhaps as few as 1% and as many as 5%)  somewhere around 100,000 of the very finest businesses as judged by their customers, validated by the local business community and business editors and professors, and then finally lifted up by their local community.

The lists will emerge by industry or business sector.  These are the first groups to be researched:

  • Architectural firms and construction companies

  • Agriculture

  • Business advocacy organizations

  • Conglomerates

    and those very large corporations to be partners for advertising and more

  • Education
  • Education - Business school professors

  • Financial Services including banking, private equity investments and stock markets

  • Manufacturing Steel & Other Metals
  • Media

    - Newspaper, magazines, radio,  television

  • Media

    - Business editors

  • Media - Productions companies for film and television

  • Retail

  • Service companies

  • Transportation

  • Wholesale

Work with 10,000.  Of that 100,000, the hope is to have 10,000 developing their  stories online and to have as many as 1000 stories per year in production.

Key questions about business and life:  Of all the businesses, which are the oldest businesses?  How have they survived so long?  What has been their right attitude and spirit? 

This television show is about finding the very finest businesses and finding out what makes them so good:

  • In what ways are they good to their employees?

  • How and why are they good to their community?

  • How did they become leaders in their industry? 

A Three-Step Process:  All of the companies listed and to be listed have been nominated by someone who loves the business.  They love their products and services.  They love their creativity, their courage, and their openness with their customers.

All of the companies listed have been reviewed by local business professors, local business editors from newspaper and television, local business advisers like CPAs, local economic development specialists, and people from the local chamber of commerce and industry trade association.  These business advocates know the heart and the spirit of the business leaders within their community.  They create the initial rank order for this listing.

Once the business agrees to be candidate to be profiled on television, they are listed in a top 1000 companies.  The top 100 are the next businesses to be profiled for television.  All 1000 will be profiled on the web.  More about the selection process, the mission, and the vision

This Twelve-Year Legacy:  Every week since September 1994, the production team of Small Business School has fed a show to PBS stations throughout the USA.  In 1995 the Voice of America began airing these episodes around the world.  In that time an episode included  Frank Jao,  the Lee brothers, and Charlie Woo, all Chinese-Americans who have been profiled on this show.  In keeping with PBS, there has been a diversity of episodes.  There are ten seasons of episodes  readily available for viewing on the web.  

There are 30+ of this school's video clips that make up the New York Times   streaming video section for small business.