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Reflections over the years on 9/11

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  • September 11, 2008  Bruce attended the unveiling of the Pentagon Memorial, a tribute to the 184 souls -- among the thousands -- who were lost in the terrorist attacks that fateful morning.  Zealots filled with hatred caused this day to be forever a study of tyranny and the antidotes for it. 
  • 9/11/2001:
    We are all going to learn who are neighbors are.
Today the world radically changed.  Today is September 11, 2001.

An age of innocence and complacency has ended.
Where terrorism is the weapon of the weak (in mind and spirit),
we (and all free and democratic people of the world) must be strong.

As these horrific events began unfolding this morning, Hattie asked,
"What can I do?"
  In our own way, we are all asking the same question, "What can I do?"
Although well-removed from our country's leadership, in her own way, Hattie has already been responding. She is speaking out. She tells the stories of remarkable people for TV and then for conferences and conventions.  These  people freely risk their time and sometimes their fortunes   to pursue a dream, to be insightful, to create something of value virtually from nothing, and, then to create an abundance so they can share it, market it, and even sell it. That's business.

Good business people are the antithesis of terrorists. They actually create valueCreating something of value is fundamental to life.¹  Something very special, even magical, happens when a buyer and seller have concurrence and a deal is done.  If a transaction is not driven by values, it is not business.  It is exploitation or worse.

What is happening today is far worse than exploitation.  Real savages came out of caves and bought airplane tickets knowing their destination was death and destruction.  Today's terrorists are just like all the other bad-and-nasty people in this world.  They may hide behind a veil of religion yet it is soaked in the same venom and vile shared by all nasty people and that begets ignorance, hostility, and a total lack of judgment.

Let the intolerable acts of this September 11, 2001 spark a new revolution.  We as a people must look deeply within ourselves and seek a new, higher ground, where we resolve to rediscover our best and most resourceful self, and show our best possible face to the nations.

The reckless and shameless within the USA: So much of Hollywood and our commercial television demonstrate to the world the USA is valueless. It projects our worst face; and people who have never traveled beyond their borders, tend to believe what they see on their televisions and nearby movie screens.

Our nation and this global civilization need ALL OF US  to be ever more thoughtful.
We all need to grasp and change the shallowness of our television culture that is being exported.  We need to demonstrate to the world that we reject any and all forms of exploitation, and that we are calling all people to be ever more productive and more creative.

As a global community, we believe we are all on a new path as a people to understand what will be required of us -- insight, resoluteness, discipline, braveness and respect -- as we begin to learn the names and faces of the billions of people on this, our tiny planet village within a vast and largely unknown universe.

We need thousands of thousands of television shows that lift up value creators.
This television series and website are on such a path. Each episode of this television show is a story about a person who has discovered their special gifts for creating something of value; they have built a business around those gifts and have become quite successful; and they quietly became very generous. They have created jobs, they have created wealth and they have made the world a better place. We not only believe these people are examples for all of us, we also believe we are all ultimately capable of doing what these people have done.

To unleash such creativity and productivity all around the world is our mission and goal.  Over 99% of all business is small business. Small business employs up to 60% of all working people.

Taken together with family businesses of all sizes, this group produces over 85% of the Gross National Product in the USA. The small businesses alone create 75% of all new jobs and 100% of all NET NEW jobs. Plus, over 300 of the largest 1000 biggest businesses are still privately held. These are family businesses that have grown very large.

We have economic depth that has been largely misunderstood
. The stock markets in the USA represent less than 1% of all businesses.

There are over 25 million businesses in the USA. There are just over 3000 listed on the New York Stock Exchange, 5000 on the NASDAQ, and 1000 on the AMEX. OTC (Over the Counter or penny stock) represent less than 4000 businesses. To grasp these figures, and to recognize the role of small business, the least reported and least understood part of our economy, is to grasp the enormous depth of the American economic engine.

Let us unite, be more productive, more creative, and let us lead the world beyond these intolerable acts and all forms of exploitation.  

-Bruce Camber, Executive producer

PS. Each year we will try to have a reflection on the events that are unfolding from today, 9/11/01, and the events that led up to it and the events that follow it.   The link:  9/11    Also, I have attempted to write about cults, religious aberrations, and their folly.