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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

What do we all hope for in a teacher or a coach?

Lifelong learning for small business

Executive Summary-Overview-Profile

Ebby Halliday created a $6+ Billion dollar/year business then gave it all away. You can learn a few things from Ebby!Rick Valencia, founder, CEO, Profitline, Inc., an ESOP company in San DiegoElla Williams, founder, Aegir Systems, Oxnard, CaliforniaSohrab Vossoughi, founder, Ziba Designs, Portland, Oregon
This is a place for good business owners to be listed and linked.

We are all the Storytellers

Every question has an answer.  Some of you will come online here and answer a question, and be so compelling that your local business advocates will  invite you to have the answer recorded and uploaded here. The purpose of that video will be to provide key insights into a facet of what it takes to start, run and grow a good business.

Some of those video clips will be so compelling, that the business owner and business will be invited to tell their story for an entire episode of the show.

Some of these episodes will be so compelling, that they are lifted up for national and global airings.  Those episodes are open to many  viewing publics who will vote for the finest business of their state, country and the world.

Eight steps open many paths in business

  Four Steps to start and run All of us
Step 1. Initial Idea $
Step 2. Start-up $$
Step 3. Incubate $$$
Step 4. Sole proprietor $$$
  Four to run and grow a business orngeldy.gif
Step 5. Employer $$
Step 6. Growth $$$
Step 7. Sustainability $$$$
Step 8. Exit at the top $$$$

    *   The spirit of the people. We all want to lift up positive role models for each other and for our children. We call our business owners, new pioneers and quiet heroes, our Master Class teachers who, as we say in the opening of every show, "...create jobs, create wealth and make the world a better place" (from our mission statement).  Help us to find people with social capital.People who are ethical in everything that they do and who are generous within their communities.  Help us to find people who are not self-aggrandizing superstars, but look and feel more like a neighbor or a family member. 

    * Mentors. We ask the question, "Who is your mentor and who are you mentoring?" We are encouraged when we find business owners turning to others for assistance. We are even more encouraged when we find that they share their insights/experience with the next generation. We look for some kind of mentor relation. Here is our discussion about mentors and an episode about the mentor/protege relation.

    * Memberships. We are encouraged when business owners are active members of their local Chamber of Commerce, their trade association(s), and their local public television station. We are encouraged when we find small business owners in continuing education courses of any kind. If you are not a member, join, join, join!

     * Diversity.  We ask the local business advocates to recommend role models for openness and generosity of spirit.  When we find a diverse workforce that is cohesively productive, both are always present.

    * Social Capital.  Owners and good businesses supporting good causes that make the world a better place for everyone are attractive.  There is a generous heart and a generous spirit within the business.

    * Global strategy. Small businesses with a global business strategy are big thinkers.

    * Visually compelling. A business with colors makes good television.

    * Continuity. We generally require that a business be in business for no less than four years. We are in search of uncommon wisdom cultivated by years of on-the-job training. Often that means talking about mistakes! And obviously, we look for businesses that have been, and continue to be, profitable with solid growth.

    * Owners / /founders. Most of our stories are with the founders of the business. If not the founders, then we talk with the current owner(s) and the founder's story is part of the oral history of the business. Transitions from first owner to next (or to the next generation) often make very good television.

    * Size. Though we look for businesses between $800K and $20M in gross sales -- not too large and not too small, we have done, and will continue to do, stories about owners of smaller businesses and many stories about the owners of much larger businesses.

We are uniquely in search of several special stories. If you have a story idea, please contact us. We welcome every suggestion.