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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Dynamics -- good transactions -- that create harmony

Create an Abundance of Value

So much of television is based on destructive and exploitive behaviors. We believe there should be at least a half-an-hour per week dedicated to tell the stories about people who create wealth and work; they make the world a better place. We believe it is important for the nations to hear these stories, to learn from them, and to know that only through their hard-earned insights and hard work have they been able to do what they do.

Since 1994 we have called the small business owners who have appeared on the show our MasterClass teachers. Rarely will you find a guru, journalist or professor here, mostly just regular people, small business owners willing to share their story and what they have learned. We find the people who are loved by their community and respected within their industry. Since 1994 we have called these people "our New American Heroes." But certainly now, since 9/11, we include all those who are struggling to defend and uphold the principles of integrity and freedom and truth.

You are all "New American Heroes."

Also, with our ever-increasing viewership of the show outside the USA (through the Voice of America TV broadcasts), we really need to be even more inclusive.

We know that the best small business owners are value creators, explorers of new frontiers, often pulling new ideas out of the unknown and breathing new life into their business.

In the opening of the show, we call these people "today's pioneers and quiet heroes." We believe there is a pioneer and hero within each of us. Certainly now, we include any person from any country who respects the inalienable rights of others, who value good work, and who encourage others to pursue their gifts to do good work. These people deserve our attention and time.

#3: Create an abundance of value

Let's put the 'right' people on TV.

We can change the face of heroism throughout the world. In a culture where celebrity is often confused with heroism, we believe that the real heroes are in our midst, as close as the store owner next door, the architect across the street, or the realtor around the corner.

So much of commercial television and our cinema lift up exploitation as an art form; by cleverly shaping every second, they encourage the weak (and poor in spirit), confuse the marginal, and weaken the strong.

Since 1994, we have told the stories of hundreds of small business heroes. One of our goals is to turn over the future productions to the best local producers around the country and with the help of all the small business advocates in each state, have each produce 13 new episodes a year. If there are 100 local shows and each did 13 episodes per year, there would be no less than 1300 profiles of wonderful small business owners each year. The best of these productions (as voted by each of the 100) would be aired nationally.

That's a goal and a mission!

We invite you to nominate very special small business owners who are quietly helping all of us to change this world for the better. The people profiled on our series are everyday people telling their own story; they epitomize the meaning of free enterprise. They live the principles of democracy, respect the rights of others, take risks, value good work, and encourage others to pursue their gifts to do good work as well. These are people who are "loved by their community and respected within their industry" (our selection criteria).

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The Overview

1. The foundations - creating continuity.  Storytelling that educates and inspires.  It is about understanding the very nature of how order is created from the natural chaos within the physical and human world.

2. The relations - creating symmetry.  Owners mentor and help other owners and their employees through business associations and more.

3. The dynamics -- creating harmony. Everybody is in search of the good and intentionally ignores the bad.

The Vision