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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

One's relations must have symmetry to sustainable.

We Can Build Sustainable Businesses:

Every week our Master Class teachers, small business owners, encourage our viewers to live intentionally. Find your edge -- the edge of creativity. The edge of self-understanding. The edge of insight. The edge of inquiry. Take a risk. Have courage. But always, learn today, earn tomorrow, and return forever.

This is Integrity TV. There are no actors. No people learning lines. And, if a script emerges, it comes from the heart of personal experience. These are everyday people telling their own story. Also, there are no victims on this show. No one is being exploited. These people have discovered their special gifts, they dream dreams, then make their dreams a reality. This is the best of humanity. In practice and in principle, these people create something of value, then they are able to create an abundance of value in a somewhat ordered and predictable way. They have principles and these principles are the bedrock of a sustainable business.

On this show people share profound truths that they have discovered along their path. Their lives are filled with hope and faith in the human future.

The most inspirational moments in our shows are when we see these small business owners with their customers and there is a sense of joy and satisfaction; there is a special harmony within those dynamic moments. Here are the very best practices and principles that build sustainable businesses.

We hope this message reaches well beyond our viewers – the millions of small business owners all across the USA and around the world – and begins to touch people everywhere.

Our daily reminder to ourselves -- "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!"

Yet, you are always invited to join us

#2: Create sustainable businesses

More than learn, we can mentor each other so these best principles do in fact become best practices.

Success can breed success.

We simply have to stop filling our heads with images of exploitive behaviors (most commercial television and the cinema).

Let each of us help at least one other small business owner really try to take highest road.

Let's motivate each other to strive to do the best we can. More than balancing the books, we can make the world a better place.

Our mission and goal is that each of us becomes so successful we all  become most gracious and giving. Experience has always been the best teacher.

The goal of every episode is to capture those special moments and insights that could encourage all our viewers to live lives that are "on the edge" and filledintentionality, willing to face a risk but so infused with the unique creativity and insights that each of us harbor, failure is not an option.

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