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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

One's foundation must constantly create order and continuity.

Creating over 20 million new jobs

In the USA in a typical ten-to-twelve year period, small business creates 20 million new jobs.  This is the heart and soul of the American economic engine. It is the miracle of the USA.

The question needs to be asked and answered: How do they do it? Why do they do it? There is a story behind every net new job and we believe these stories need to be told and analyzed.

That being said, two facts need to change:

1. Over 70% of all new business starts fail.
2. Over 70% of all solid businesses fail to transition beyond the founder.

Though the 20+ million jobs is impressive, think how much more impressive it would be if less failed at the beginning and more succeeded in transferring the business to the next generation towards the founder's end.

It is never easy and there are no short cuts.

We believe by sharing these stories, we can learn best practices from each other and we'll find answers to questions such as:
1. How can we help to increase the number of successful small business startups? Let's learn what the pitfalls are.

2. How can we increase the number of businesses that transfer ownership and leadership to the next generation? Let us learn what our options are and how to exercise those options at the right time.

3. What happens when we open ourselves to learn from each other and even celebrate the success of others?

4. What is our path to wisdom? To a fulfilled life?" See our "Open Letter" about the importance of public television – not commercial television – and the need to support and even join your local public television station. From our viewers' responses, we believe we are on track. 

#1 Learn and share best practices

We can learn best practices from each other and provide access to key insights and answers to our business questions, all from the true stories and experiences of people who " ...create jobs, create wealth, and make the world a better place."

Since 1994, we have been telling the stories of successful small business owners who share their hard-earned insights on television. Within every episode of the show, small business owners:

Discuss their key ideas, their first failures, and their first successes.  One simple part of our mission is try to reverse the failure rates at the start-up by telling stories about how very difficult it all is. There are no get-rich-quick schemes; it is all about discovering your talents and gifts and capitalizing on them.

Share their benchmarks for sustainability -- a working business plan, understanding and working with your financials, and actual goals with  weekly-monthly-quarterly evaluations. This show wants to share key insights to help more businesses become sustainable throughout the first twenty-to-fifty years (and even more) that you grow your businesses.

Empower each of us to know the options to transfer our ownership to the next generation so the business lives on. 70±% of us will fail to do so. Working together we can all help to reverse that rate!

These stories teach by example. They inspire all of us. Here are the ones who profoundly believe in their dreams, work hard, persevere against great odds, and create work and real value in their communities and in the economy. Now, these insights and information are all available within question-answer arrays.

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