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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Small Business School's Mission and Vision Statements

If you share this mission and vision...

In just the USA, there are over 25 million small business owners. Over half of all people in the USA work within small businesses. And, most all people are customers of small businesses.

In the USA, small businesses include all businesses up to 500 employees.  Medium-sized businesses are from 500 to 5000 employees and big business is over 5000 employees.  WalMart has over 1M employees.

Every day throughout the world millions of small business owners risk the status quo, explore new ideas, and chart the creation of new products, processes and jobs. They lead by example and are often quiet heroes in their communities.

Impact the general culture and the nations.  Real stories about real people can impact a nation.  Behaviors and attitudes can change.  There are alternatives to mindless television, or even worse, television that promotes  self-aggrandizing behaviors and that teach the subtleties of exploitive thinking.

What would happen if we were all in search of the best based on their productivity, generosity to the community, and their leadership within their industry?

What would happen if we all were to go deeper and discover the special magic within ourselves?  Just think what would happen to the culture if we all were to live our life with a sense of wisdom and not try to "be big" and "the biggest."

The mission of this television show and web site is to foster the success of all small businesses everywhere (and even those who dream of owning their own business) by showing how others have solved business problems, have become ever more creative and knowledgeable within their expertise, and have taken very calculated risks to follow their dreams.

This is a mission to share with many.  If you are a good person with a good business doing good things, you are invited to register, be listed and linked, and begin to tell your story and share your insights.

Be part of Small Business School and begin telling your story today.

Vision Statement: Small business is the primary creator of wealth and value in today's economy.  It is a prime source of innovation and competition.

A three-part Mission Statement

Mission #1 Foundations

Every episode of the show is pointed information and real inspiration for owners and employees to grow their business. It is also for people who want to learn how others started a business. Then, once successful in every way, the school becomes a place to learn how to tell your story, and then to go ahead and tell  that story.  What are these foundations?   More...

Mission #2 Relationships

The school and show are to create a means by which  people  help each other to grow.  We can decrease the number of business failures.  We can grow smarter and wiser.  Here the school and show work with and through business associations, business publications, and business schools around the world.  What is the very nature of a relation?   More...

Mission #3 Dynamics

The best stories will get even better.   Here everybody nominates and selects the next person to have their story told. With the best stories and the best producers, these stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary  things will come to life.   These are today's unselfish, modern-day pioneers.  What are the penultimate dynamics of life?   More...