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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Take the word, Small, within the name, Small Business School.

It is easy to forget that we all start small.  Everything starts small.

The cliche, "Small is beautiful," is more than a truism.  It is profoundly true.

The name of this television show and website begins with the word, small,
because it is here we readily find the edge of raw creativity.
  Here are the hopes,
dreams, and ideas in that formative, early stage.  Within small, we find the youngest heart of business.
Here we find a real sense of calling and a dedication to simple principles --  basic ethics and integrity -- that drive people to do what they do.
Yes, it is easy to forget that we all start small and everything and everybody starts small and very simple.

And, it was not too long ago that most businesses were small.
Being small is being close to your roots. Foundations. The basics. There is still a special simplicity in being small. 
There is a hope, joy, and optimism. We're closer to the first principles that motivate and drive us. We believe that as the best small businesses articulate these principles and concepts, they will inspire us all to greatness... lift us to a higher road. 
If we understand what drives their enthusiasm, dreams and aspirations, while they are still small, we should be closer to the deeper truths. 
By telling such stories, lifting up good, wholesome role models, we hope each episode becomes a rich metaphor for people in every discipline and walk of life, and these small business owners become sources of inspiration, insight and information about the meaning and value of life and work. 
Plus, small business owners need all the help and respect we can give them. 
So little is known about small business owners, yet they are a key engine of the economy; they are among the wealthiest and most generous people within our society; and as such, they are primary keepers of our culture and our values. Our small business owners are prime movers of social capital.
We hope the show and this web site help all our viewers to build upon their best ideas and aspirations, to take the higher road, a flying leap of faith into the best of all possible unknown futures. 
We want your best ideas (and those cherished ideas of all of our viewers and web visitors) to take root and grow well.

Take the word,  Business, within the name Small Business School.

Creating order. Building relations. Doing work. Creating an abundance of value. Exchanging and transacting value.
It is called business when there is continuity, focus, and a growing expertise within a particular set of relations. It is the highest definition of work; and if this work is one of the ways that you use to define your self -- your expertise (often referred to as a calling) -- then we call it good work. 
Business is one of the key ways that we all shape meaning in our lives
The power of a relation.  We profoundly believe in business. And we profoundly believe that "...every adult has an idea for a business. . .You can't just do the ordinary; you have to do the extraordinary . . . and if you don't do it, your life will be incomplete." These words open and close every episode of Small Business School.
So, if our definition of business is creating order, building relationships, creating an abundance of value, and exchanging and transacting those values, Small Business School is a business that tries to create some sense of order around the basics of starting, running and growing a business. It is the business of helping people understand and develop the relations of business. 
We ask, "What happens when we genuinely celebrate the success of others and we open ourselves to learn from them? What is our path to wisdom? . . . to a fulfilled life?" 
We sincerely believe there is a hero within each of us
. There is creativity that struggles to find its way out. And when all of humanity feels liberated to exercise their unique creativity, the world will be transformed. By lifting up highly successful entrepreneurs who are, as we say in the opening of each show, "...creating jobs, creating wealth, making the world a better place," we hope this series makes the world a better place, too. From our viewers' responses, we believe we are making progress.

Take the word, School,  within the name, Small Business School

What do we learn in school? What is a school?  
The name of our first show was Small Business Today. Everybody thought it was a news show. We renamed the show to Small Business 2000 in 1995.  We never thought the program could last beyond the years 2000.  Yet, in 1999 we were still be working many long hours at actualizing our mission. We now know we still have a long way to go before people begin to recognize the heroes within themselves, their home, their neighborhoods, and their communities. People become heroes when they create a job (even if just for yourself), create wealth, and try to make our world a better place. 
So, in 1999, with our sponsors all solid, we decided to re-brand again. In the spirit of public television (and finally recognizing that the show was a school), we renamed this television show to be released on the first week of January 2001. The web resources would begin acting more like a school, both to share the lessons from all these entrepreneurs / small business owners, but also to celebrate the creativity and goodness of as many people as possible. 
One of our goals is to have all the airing stations begin doing one-minute profiles of the quiet heroes in their community. 

Another goal is to have a local show in every market and at least one in every state.  The hope is that they will  profile 26 people a year. That would be at least 1300 new episodes per year. 

A very large goal is to expand productions into every country.  The goal is to have 4000 local productions competing for the 52 national-global spots each year.  The best businesses will begin teaching us all about authenticity, integrity, generosity, and creativity. 
We would all learn about the power of the creative mind and the aggregate force of this creativity to change the fabric of our life. With the web and streaming video, these discussions about the nature of life and work, especially the question-answer array, become available to anybody every hour of every day.  Anybody can get access to the wisdom of other people. 
What other questions need to be asked? What special answers can lead us all to a higher ground?
We invite you to join us in this exploration:  At one time upwards of one million small business owners joined us every week. The goal is to have 4 million, and then 12 million around the globe.  Become a member of the school and help continue to make this show a different kind of television series. We can make good work and ownership more accessible. At any time, we would enjoy hearing from you. 
We send you our every wish for your success,

- Bruce Camber, Executive Producer, founder

All together, Small Business School in action...

And in search of:

  • 4 million of the finest small businesses in the world -- the owners and employees -- who have registered on the site and are working with us as viewers of the show and  regular visitors of the web site.

  • 400,000 business owners who are members of the school and are active within their local chamber of commerce, their national trade association, and their local television community.  These people are committed to finding the best stories to tell for each other and our children. 

  • 40,000 business owners who are actively participating in key critical ratios work and the sustainability of their business beyond their lifetime.  These business owners have also been selected by their communities to have their stories told on television.  They are actively developing their transcripts and case studies online.  Some are working with local producers to craft segments of their stories as a webcast about a key idea that helped them to grow. 

  • 4000 businesses per year telling their stories to the cameras.  In every designated market in the USA, and then within every country throughout the world, good people will be telling their stories from the vantage point of key ideas, the answers to key questions about business and life.

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