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MAY 1, 2007

Dear Bruce and Hattie,

After so many years in development, Mona and I have proudly announced for emerging and growing businesses.  MyBizChek is a dynamic SWOT analysis tool to assist entrepreneurs -- any owner or business operator --  to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their business  strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Online.  In private.  24-7.

We have experienced many ups and downs during the development process for bringing MyBizChek online.  More-than-once we have wanted to quit in despair, but something or someone would step forward to drive us toward our goal.  

Among the “someone’s” were you three -- Bruce, Hattie and Small Business School.  When in doubt we would often turn to the principles that drive you and those business owners, the stars of each episode of the show.  Your focus on  companies that represent the best in business --  their sound business practices, their insatiable desire to contribute to their people and their community; and, above, all to represent the highest standards for business practices -- helped us to keep moving ahead.

Admittedly, we are not “star power” yet.  But with MyBizChek we firmly believe we offer a business tool that can help businesses who aspire to excellence to achieve their goals.

We appreciate your past encouragement and wish you both continued success.

Best Regards,


Lyle M Anderson, President
20313 Ridge Road SW
Vashon, WA 98070

Our Response

Dear Lyle and Mona:

Congratulations indeed!  Your product is a perfect sequel to the episode about financials.  If  people do know how to read their financials, they'll never know what the deep source of their strengths or weaknesses!    But much more than tracking key ratios, we all should be doing a SWOT analysis at least every quarter and everybody on our team, especially our CPA, banker, and best business partners, should be part of it.

Once you have great testimonies to add to your letter, please send them along and we'll add them right here.

We wish you well with the launch.  The web site looks great!

Best wishes for a brilliant launch of the product!



Bruce Camber, executive producer,
Small Business School, Inc. (SBS)