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New York Times employs Small Business School videos

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May 2007:  New York Times Launches Small Business Video
based entirely on the Small Business School episodes

Index of a few letters by topic and author

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                          HS / Coyman                     Related episode
                          HS / Bonetti                      Chocolate Crickets
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                          Financials / Stickney         Related episode
                          GPS-based Cities              $0-to-$1B
                          Incubators / Shamiso
                          Podcasts / Gardiner
                          Retirement / Anderson
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                         Start Up / Cope

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Thanks              From Cliff Prescott, Fat Towels

Think what you will about the New York Times today, at one time it was one of the most-highly respected newspapers in the world.

May 1, 2007 at 11 PM

Hi -

At about 11 PM, the New York Times opened a small business center on their website using 25 of  Small Business School's video clips to launch.   The videos range from 2 to 4 minutes long, and all are answers to key critical questions that small business owners face everyday. 

If you haven't been to recently, we invite you to come back and take a look at any one of over 800 of those videos that are available today. These are all short-burst, user-driven streaming video, key ideas from episodes of the show over the years.

Another 1200 video clips are being added, about ten per day!

Just this past week we re-launched the interactive part of our website so you can readily search and find the video answers to your questions.

But more, when Hattie asks the questions, listen to the answer on video, be thinking, "How would I answer that question?" If you'll look through the case study guide and transcript, you'll quickly formulate your own answers. Now, you can enter those answers and create content.

There is something special that happens as you reflect on these questions. You really are encouraged to dig deeper and think boldly. The resulting answers which become your transcript will not sound like or perform like an infomercial. Your answers will be better.

Eventually your transcript will become a guide to create your video; and when people hear and see you talking about things of the heart, mind and soul, you and your business will have more credibility and authenticity.

We have been told by wise people throughout our years of productions, that to do business with you, people have to know you, like you, and trust you. 

This website and these videos are here to empower  your business.


-Bruce Camber