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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

Through It All, We All Can Have Staying Power... We Truly Can

Communicate Your Vision

2:51 | Play Now |  In this episode of the show Hattie introduces us to business owners with staying power. We first meet Jim Schell, the show's Veteran entrepreneur.* He says you need vision and a mission statement.

USA: Starting a business is in our blood. Pulitzer-historian Oscar Handlin documents how the founders issued the 1776 Declaration of Independence in large part to be able to  form a corporation.  Today, when we start a business, it is our personal declaration for fiscal independence.
And then we even surprise ourselves. The business grows! Of the largest 1000 businesses in the USA, 33% of them are still family businesses. Virtually every business starts as a family business.  
Starting and sustaining a business is the path to wealth and the only true path out of poverty. This small business revolution should be, and can be, the #1 export of this country.

How does a business make it beyond the first year? ...third year? ...and fifth year? These are benchmarks. Milestones. Most startups do not get past them. So, when these veteran entrepreneurs answer the question, "How did you do it?," there is a lot to learn.

This television special outlines the common qualities found in companies that make profits for decades.  

* Note: Jim Schell is also in these episodes:  Understand your financials,   Selling the business, and  Opportunity Knocks.

Define Your Business Model

2:01 | Play Now | John Hawkins bought a failed business and changed its model.  More...  And more... About John...

Understand Your Numbers

2:16 | Play Now | This video opens with Bob Orenstein, founder of International Wine Accessories.  At 32 seconds, Meeko Mullin,an owner of Hot Dogs on a Stick (HDOS),  discusses key ratios.  Everyone at HDOS understands the numbers of this ESOP company.

Form a Board of Advisors

2:20 | Play Now | John Castle shares his big business experience by serving on boards of small companies.

Commit to Quality

1:54 | Play Now | Hattie takes us inside Texas Nameplate, twice winners of the Baldrige Award, then on to meet Mike Neary of Oregon Log Home; they won industry awards for quality and imagination.

Use Technology Aggressively

3:15 | Play Now | At his company, Ironbound Valve Accuation, Howard Kent uses technology to increase profits.

Be the Place to Work

3:58 | Play Now | Tom Gegax built a business from nothing to hundreds of millions in sales. He says that no one wants a boss but everyone wants a coach and that the key to coaching is clear communication.

Sell, Sell, Sell

1:46 | Play Now | Owner of Texas Jet, Reed Pigman, sells with service.

Be Willing to Evolve

3:51 | Play Now | Steve Hoffman's company, Modern Postcard, is the result of decades of continuous improvement.  Steve started in business as a company of one and today he has hundreds of employees and thousands of customers.   More...   More wisdom from Steve...

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How about the staying power of the USA?

Are you aware of the Cloward-Piven Strategy?

If not, please give it some thought (pop-up Wikipedia article). Is it Obama's agenda?