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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

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12,000+ Pages in that Historic Website

The first web pages went online in December 1994. The show was called Small Business Today at that time.   And, all of those pages still work!

Even back then, toward the end of that first season of thirteen episodes, we began directing people to that web site URL. From those first three pages, the site quickly grew.   There were little summaries of each episode of the weekly show, then soon the transcripts followed, then the case study guides. 

As other businesses began getting websites, an overview page was created to link back to each business.

In 1999 the site introduced streaming video.  Our sponsors, Tim Forbes, asked us why?  He commented that only porn sites could make streaming video work.Yet, by the end of 2000, there were over 100 episodes that could be watched within a little 200x150 pixel window.  Each week more streaming video was added along with the transcript, case study guide, and executive summary.  Many of those streams are still streaming today as a little java applet that can go down at 56 kbps telephone line!

In 2001 we attempted to move all this data into a database format.  We failed.  Now after six years, that vision is now being fulfilled.

go_to.jpgAs quickly as we can, we are bringing the legacy  pages from the old site over into this section of the website.  If you can not find a favorite page, please drop us a note.

Here are some recent pages that are helpful  small business resources:

  2. The Chambers of Commerce

Here are some references about television and the future:

  1. From a Profile to a video to a television episode
  2. THE LETTERS from people like you
  3. The global television show

To take a quick survey of the Small Business School legacy, go to the the Home Page and find the link  View Prior Episode.  You could click back well over 100 times and view several years of programming.