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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

History Becomes the Future

All together, Small Business School in action...

And in search of:

  • 4 million of the finest small businesses in the world

    -- the owners and employees -- who have registered on the site and are working with us as viewers of the show and  regular visitors of the web site.

  • 400,000 business owners

    who are members of the school and are active within their local chamber of commerce, their national trade association, and their local television community.  These people are committed to finding the best stories to tell for each other and our children. 

  • 40,000 business owners

    who are actively participating in key critical ratios work and the sustainability of their business beyond their lifetime.  These business owners have also been selected by their communities to have their stories told on television.  They are actively developing their transcripts and case studies online.  Some are working with local producers to craft segments of their stories as a webcast about a key idea that helped them to grow. 

  • 4000 businesses per year

    telling their stories to the cameras.  In every designated market in the USA, and then within every country throughout the world, good people will be telling their stories from the vantage point of key ideas, the answers to key questions about business and life.

For more:

1994 -1995: This television series begins using a magazine format, Small Business Today.

1995 - 2000: The series continues as  a documentary, Small Business 2000.

2001 -      This weekly, half-hour show continues as  Small Business School  About the logo

2015 and beyond:

What would it be like to evolve the show as a local-global show for good businesses that combines American Idol, Wikipedia, MySpace-Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube?  All in one domain!  And, what if it is to find the most wonderful businesses and their owners to tell their stories about how they create something of value? 

That seems like a worthy goal for many.  Why not?  So, let us take one step at a time;  the short-term goals are:

1.  Re-brand the show for the global markets

It will continue as Small Business School for public television in the USA, but why not open even that up for discussion and debate?  Hattie and Bruce went around the world in July-August 2007 to visit with some of those television stations that have been rebroadcasting the show since 1995.  Most are commercial stations.  They were asked -- and over 3500 more will be asked --  to begin doing their own special versions of Small Business School in their local markets where everybody gets to select who is going to be profiled next.

2.  Open up the nomination and selection process

That starts now.  Nominate your favorite business. 

Read more about it. Nominate somebody today.

3.  Increase productions from 26 per year to over 4000 per year. 

It can be done today.  Video that goes inside the soul of business owners who are loved by their community and respected in their industry can change the very fabric of our culture.  Integrity and creativity will be given a deeper hearing.

From twelve years of  weekly productions broadcast on PBS stations, we know it can be done even better.  The website can be even more  inspirational and more informative.  It can become a place to learn how to be a producer, how to write your story,  how to get ready for the formal productions, and how to make the appropriate transitions at the appropriate times  to maximize your sweat equity and dreams.

And, everybody who is involved owns it. 

The budgets, the costs, the income... everything is open book.
To learn more, contact Bruce Camber.