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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021


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Look down throughout the videos on the left. 

1.  Select just those topics that interest you.  Click on "Remove" to parse your list.

2.  Notice when you click through to watch a particular video, there is always a key question.  Cursor over that Key Question and you will notice that it is active. 

Click on any one key question and you will be taken to a listing of other videos that address that question. Usually there is at least one other, yet sometimes there are as many as 300.  Remove those videos that you do not want in the queue.

Every answer is a metaphor, an analogy for you.  Metaphors invite you to think inside an idea.  Inherently you are asking the question "What if..."   That is, "What if I did that, would I do as well?  Could I do better?" 

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