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The Foundations of Business Are The Foundations of Life

It's Time For A change

This television series began in September 1994. Bruce and Hattie have invested over 20 years of time, energy and money to create this site and keep it alive .  Bruce is now in his 70th year and Hattie is only five years behind. Hattie, as you can see from her new book, I'll Have It My Way, has moved on to address the last chapter of our life.  Bruce has moved on to introduce the UniverseView (in green, left column, following "Keys").  If this site is helpful for you, your students or your business, chip in a little to cover the hosting fees and it'll stay up.  If the money is not there, it'll be shut down.  A little barometer for each month will show you where the site is.  Another possibility is to get a new sponsor of the site; the original sponsor was IBM. Perhaps Microsoft will sponsor it. If you know of any business who will sponsor there site, there name could be emblazoned on the homepage. 

Recognize That You Need Others

Los Angeles, Shanghai, Amsterdam: Meet Carl Meyer, Ron Altoon and Jim Porter. They discuss the dynamics of a partnership that spans the world. They know that the world wants the deep ingenuity that comes from the USA.

In this business, every customer and every architect is a star. So, keep your egos in check.  Focus on customers and  growing your team. You'll experience similar results.  This firm now has ongoing work in 16 countries with more international work on the drawing boards for the future.

The people at Altoon+Porter are truly 21st-century leaders.

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  Create continuity. A first principle, basic value, no person, business or government grows without continuity. Have courage, innovate and lead. More... 
2Create relations. Focus on customers, employees, suppliers and community. Build those relations; they'll build your business. It requires ethics and trust. More...
2Create harmony. Discord destroys people, businesses and governments. Be a light on the hill. Volunteer to make everything better! More... 
2This is the drive toward perfection...  best business practices. Use videos to teach. Aired on PBS stations nationwide and the Voice of America-TV worldwide. More...
Ken Duncan, Photographic journalist, Australia
Albert Black, On Target Supplies & Logistics
1.  We all dream... Yes, you do.
Many key questions about money.
Join Hattie Bryant.  More...

2. We all must risk.   Follow your heart.
Key question about growing a business.
Adopt Ken Duncan's insight.   More...

3. We all have insights and ideas.
Key question about new insights
Meet Bob Sakata.  Innovate... More

4. We all need help: Start Small
Key question on getting started
Grasp Albert Black's gifts.   More...

5. We're all people: Work Hard for Others
Key question  about standing out
Meet Linda Brewer and John Rohovec.

6. We all fail: Failure is OK
Key question about growing
Imbibe Harry Rosenthal's wisdom.  More..

7. We all grow:  Ask Questions. Listen.
Key question about attracting good people
Learn from Marty Edelston.   More...

8. We can be wise: Be a Magnet for Talent
Key question on attracting  people
Adopt George Hill and Arnold Joseff.

All the videos are from on-location interviews with small business owners selected by their community. Learn about the power of business where values motivate. Get better.

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