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Dear Rebecca,

I had just written to Ginni and went to find Sam's interview.  Five years has passed! As a nation and as a global people, we are heading toward disaster.  If there were some signs of hope from out of the private sector, it could have a balancing influence. 

IBM has faded from the scene.  Let's force them back on the global stage in a very public way. Here is my note to Ms. Rometty:

On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 11:08 AM, I wrote:

"In 2011 I said this about Sam Palmisano, "If we were to implement IBM's Business Intelligence software systems across the board throughout the government to catch those business ratios outside the means, “Cut” would take on new meaning.  We will begin to catch the bad and the ugly abusers of the systems.  At the very least, if we engage Palmisano's healthcare oversight plan, we could then focus on a balanced budget."

"In five years, we have gone to bad to tragic.

If the government knew what IBM Watson Research Labs knows about analytics, waste-fraud-and-abuse would be slowed, then stopped. 

"If the public knew of IBM's capabilities, they would demand it of their legislatures, "Implement business intelligence."  Your advertisements could plant the seeds for such a grassroots campaign.
"We can do it.

Thank you."


It is no longer time to think of business as usual.  Can we do this? Thanks.

Most sincerely,