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Last Update: Sunday June 7, 2020

The World Is At War With Savage -- Not Holy -- People

To get along in this little world, we all need a different point of view.

To our extended Small Business School family and our guests:

First, this television series began in 1994 based on first principles (linked from here). These were a direct reflection of our faith and our belief that faith and science must cohere or one of them is wrong.

Second, we used those first principles in all that we have done. That's how one knows the first principles workYet, eventually, those first principles inform in new ways.   It is not automatic.  It takes time.  But, there is always a next step. We can always improve on the initial conditions. That is the reason for this page.

Third, we all need to extend first principles globally, then extend them throughout the universe. That drove our work on the Big Board-little universe. We can now see how such principles just might become the core of a new ethics revolution.

This Paradigm Shift Changes Our Perceptions Of Everything

1.  The Universe is finite. That's huge. It has measurable smallest units of space and time. It has measurable units of the largest dimensions of space and time, the Observable Universe and the Age of the Universe, respectively.

2.  The Universe has an ethical bias. Yes, everybody who takes a life is going up against the very essence of life itself. Since 9/11, we have advocated that the US government open another front in the war on terrorism. It would be a theological front that is informed by science. Radical Islam has much more to learn from Allah (the Arabic word for God)! When they say, "Allahu Akbar" they know not what they say. God is Continuity, evil is discontinuity, killing is satanic. It is the opposite of God.

3.  The Universe is smaller and more ordered than we think. In 201+ steps, you go from the smallest measurement to the very largest. Initially it sounded ridiculous and it seemed inconceivable.  Yet over time, it sinks in.

4.    The Universe is more connected than we think.   In fact, everything is related to everything, all within 201+ steps!  Seems impossible; it's not.

5.  The Universe gets structure from space-and-time, but not its essence.  The structures go back to basic geometries that have become exquisitely complex. The essence of that structure comes from the Infinite through our constants and universals which appear to be best engaged through the Planck Units.

Now, with all these references, we now say, "Let's get focused; there are great things to do to get us all on track for a brilliant future."

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