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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

US Chamber of Commerce and Local Chambers of Commerce

  Business advocacy begins at home.

Chambers of Commerce

The USA:  This special episode is a salute to the volunteer work done by the 25 million small business owners in the USA.

Over and over here you learn why, "Business is not about greed."

Although there are plenty of greedy people within business, the very first principle of business is that we are only a business when we create something of value and to do this we each must give more than we take.  Small business owners are the major volunteers, especially in Chambers of Commerce. Chambers are the local torchbearers of good business for every community. They are the foremost advocates for a better future for everyone.

As a group, we can become major transformative agents of business, culture and our world. As a group, we need to engage everyone to reward good behavior and turn our backs to bad behavior.

The Chambers recognize and often reward those who do good things within a community. They reinforce the good and they discuss, analyze and attempt to change the bad. Since 1994 we have turned to the Chambers to validate, recommend and guide us with the selection of businesses for each episode of the show. The people within the Chambers know who are the givers and who are the takers. The Chambers know who are the thinker and leaders.

In this program learn from many owners why they volunteer.

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(Episode1307:  Volunteer through your local Chamber of Commerce.)

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Volunteer! Get out of the Office!

Take Time To Give

1:30 | Play Now Through their Chambers of Commerce, business owners work hard on business-friendly public policy.  Toby Malachi (pictured here), founder of Malichi International, of Indianapolis has a favorite cause; promote global trade for small businesses.

Find The Cause That Fits

1:57 | Play Now Toby Malichi (0.23 to 0.31) opens this segment.  John Bachmann, a Managing Partner of Edward Jones Investments of St. Louis (0.32 to 1:08) has been the chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Make A Positive Impression

5:11 | Play Now Leon Trammell, founder of Tramco, Inc. says that the media makes owners look like crooks.

Prepare To Volunteer

2:39 | Play Now Owner of J.R.'s Goodtimes, Jim Wordsworth warns that you should make sure your business can function without you before you begin donating large blocks of time to charities.

Transform Your Community

2:54 | Play Now Host Hattie Bryant says that gracious giving by owners is noticed by their communities.

Say Yes

2:33 | Play Now Several people talk about their community spirit.  Tere Zubizarreta,  founder of Zubi Advertising   based in Miami, when asked to give money and time to local charities, says, "Yes."   

Add By Subtracting

3:06 | Play Now Marc Katz loves giving in the name of his business, Katz's Deli and Bar.

Engage Your Team

4:08 | Play Now Owner Arnold Joseff encourages employees to volunteer on company time.