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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

By Country

Data, information, knowledge, insight and wisdom from outside the USA will be organized by country within a time zone, then within a market of three-to-four million people. 

One Mexican company has been  as profiled and it will be listed uniquely under Mexico as well as the USA. Several Canadian countries were profiled in 2006 and they will be listed under http://SmallBusinessSchool/Canada

Already there have been episodes of the show done within England and Australia. These will be the first two countries added to the index.  The next country will be Ireland because it is where Hattie and Bruce will have visited sometime in 2015.

In 2007, Hattie and Bruce also visited Japan, China, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Russia, Finland, Norway and Iceland.  These countries will be added next, all alphabetical.

Countries throughout the rest of the world will be added and the best businesses within each country will be listed and studied. 


The first principle of business is a first principle of life itself.

If a business does not have continuity -- predictable hours of operation, consistent product quality and customer service --  it will not be in business very long.