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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Catchall for notes on Planck Temperature (a working document)

Planck Temperature offers special challenges.  There will be several treatments of Planck Temperature.  The next treatment will assume the Big Bang Theory remains the most compelling theory so the numbers will start at the given temperature and go higher.  This progression will assume that with each doubling the aggregate temperature will also go up.  Some will argue that it should go down. 

We do not know.  Your comments are welcomed.  The best we can do is go right back to 1848 when Lord Kelvin (William Thomson), wrote his paper, On an Absolute Thermometric Scale,  and the need for a scale whereby "infinite cold" (absolute zero).    be doing a few thought experiments to see if we can deem any logical format that seems more reasonable than others.

Here are some of our observations to date:

1.  The other four Planck Units start at a base level that is so small it was ignored.

2.   Temperature starts so high also seems beyond reach. 

3. We are slowing down here to do a series of "what if" scenarios.  

4. We will explore questions about absolute zero degrees.  Can there be a lower temperature?  What does it mean?  Is it just numbers without application? 

5. We will also look carefully at the computational model for the Planck Temperature to see how-and-why it gives us the highest possible temperature. 

6.  What is temperature?