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Caution:  Stretched Metaphors About Life

  • Pushing deeper into the Unknown
  • The Space Elevator: Work with Disney, Universal Studios, 21st Century Fox, MGM Holdings Inc,  Paramount, and Time Warner to become a highly-limited, pointedly-scheduled, subscription-and-joint venture production company for SFX, science fiction, and science docudrama.  When not engaged for productions, the studios become a test center for edutainment whereby an active space elevator takes people to an International Research Space Station which perfectly simulates the experience of being 250 miles in orbit around the earth.

If you life to drink a little wine on occasion, you might find this website of some interest:  http:  I just discovered it today. They are wine snoops, sleuths, snoots, and ... in their chat area, I have been asked about a special wine from Australia from a bunch of Red Heads. I found about it through a WSJ wine promo.  That's here (yes, the embedded link is a bit wild):

I am posting a link to that WSJ page because if I were to attempt to embed it on the Snooth's chat page, it would have to display the whole thing in order to work.  That's just too ugly. 

Notwithstanding, the Snooth's community has been invited to take a little flight  into the very small universe of the Planck base units as well as out to the edge of the Universe, just beyond notation 201.  Now, being wine drinkers, they might have some special fun and new insights with it all. 

You know how wired up most of us small businesses are just trying to make payroll and take a little to keep the family happy.  We all need a little more wine on occasion.  I think the universe view can also give us a little wiggle room so we don't feel quite so hemmed in by our business.  - Bruce 

N-Frequency, élan, zest, love.  Looking at the five base Planck Units and applying frequency to the formulation.  Looking up many references  to N-Frequency, élan, zest, and love.  Listening to their work.  Where is the N-frequency?  Just that background pulsing  pushes one back.  The singing and lyrics can not be easily understood. Key player/singer: Nicky Frequenz

A Note to Nicky:

A reference to you and your work is posted here: (this page)

A very stretched overview of such work is here:

It could change your frequency...  and you just might become a mega-star
and a spokesman for n-frequencies of a higher order.

If you are interested, please drop me a note. (Sent from his YouTube page)