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How do I find great employees?

Dallas: This is the story of Albert Black and his company, On Target Supplies & Logistics.  It is also about miracles where people are transformed; they learn about financial statements, become economically independent of debt, start serious savings, capture the power of principal-and-interest, and discover their deep-seated talents and gifts.   That's enough, but there's more.

You'll hear some of the most innovative human resource strategies from one of the most articulate people we know. And, you won't believe his results! This hard-nosed, well-grounded visionary lives, breathes, and acts on his two most basic faith statements, then asks for 100% and gives 125%.
Albert is a servant to his church and faith, his family, his employees, his community and his country.

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Instead Of More Bloated Bureaucracies,  More Small Businesses:

1. If you don't own a business, consider taking the leap.

The most important revolution in the world today, listen to best practices of owners who started and grew a business... all episodes on PBS-TV (in the USA) and VOA-TV (world).  Share an idea for a business. Encourage the unemployed. More...

2.  If you have a business, innovate. Solve  problems. Think.

You can do it:   Be a leader. Take a step at a time. Get inspired. Then, inspire others. 29+ million small business owners in the USA (200+ million around the world).
Go global. Source global. Have courage. Perfect systems. More...   And, more.

3.  Solve problems: Mentor others. Grow your people.

Register.  Be involved.  We can help each other over the hurdles.  You can help others and be helped. So, please, log onDo not fail.  Love your people.

Create An Intern Program   Help and get help.

2:19 | Play Now    Nicole Miller says that interns add vitality and fresh ideas to your company.  More about people  
More about retail  More from Nicole, Bud and their team

Provide Technical And Communication Training

3:26 | Play Now Pam McNair, founder of Gadabout SalonSpas, says employees can only be as good as you are.   People  
More from Pam McNair & people  Home

Teach, Preach, Coach and Counsel

2:07 | Play Now Albert Black, founder of On Target:  "Employees flourish if you encourage them to reach higher."  People   Albert Black   Home

Listen To All Ideas

2:45 | Play now Marty Edelston, founder of Boardroom, Inc."...employees want and need to be heard." 
People   More from Marty Edelston profile
Open Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu & Barack Obama

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