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A letter to Iran

A few Open Letters over the years

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Referred to as Priceless-Cheap Real Estate, this letter might be considered the simple beginning of a billion-dollar idea.

January 2009: President Barack H. Obama
Encourage the unemployed to start a business

October 2008: Hugh McColl, Jr., a Chairman, Bank of America on "60 Minutes" says"There is nothing good about being small."

May 2007:  New York Times Launches Small Business Video based entirely on the Small Business School episodes

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  Start Up / Cope
Producers We are all Producers  
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Summer 2014

A young woman -- she appears as if she recently graduated from college -- requested to be part of our LinkedIn family.  Of course, we accepted her request and sent her this letter:


It is a good morning here -- the sun is just rising --
and a "good evening" to you in Iran.

May our leaders rise above all limited visions of who we are and who we can become.     

I encourage you to explore Small Business School.  We were a weekly "how-to" television series on PBS-TV, our educational broadcasting group mostly associated  with the universities throughout the USA.    

You might enjoy these stories about women's success:

That's for starters.    

You can also work through the eight steps of business:

If you register, you can also take a guided course.    

We are also quite outspoken about limited worldviews and encourage people to understand and  adopt an integrated universe view!    

Best wishes to you, your family and your people,    

Bruce Camber, CEO