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Last Update: Tuesday June 15, 2021

The Tetrahedron And Two Layers Within

Within every tetrahedron are four half-sized tetrahedrons and one octahedron.

Within every octahedron there are six half-sized octahedral and eight tetrahedrons.

One might think the progressions would be infinite, but we quickly discover that one can only go within about 111 times before approaching the Planck Length. 

If you begin to multiply this object by 2, you can go out just about 94 times before coming up to the edges of the Observable Universe.

You can observe are three TOT lines side by side.  From the outside bottom edge, go to the top, one tetrahedron wide.  That is a TOT line made up of seven parts. Parallel to it is a shorter TOT made up of five parts. The simplest-possible TOT of three parts is parallel to it.

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