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Last Update: Saturday February 17, 2018

A side view of the tetrahedron with those four tetrahedrons and an octahedron within it.

Another view.  Each tetrahedron has four half-sized tetrahedrons and one octahedron. Within the octahedron there are six half-sized octahedra and eight tetrahedrons.

Again, one might think the progressions would be infinite, but we know from the sizes of these plastic models, one could only go within about 111 times
before approaching the Planck Length and you could go out only about 94 times (multiplying by 2) before coming up to the edges of the Observable Universe.

Now from the outside and bottom edges, there is a TOT line made up of seven parts.  Parallel to each is another shorter TOT made up of five parts. The simplest TOT of three parts is parallel to it.