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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

#5 Our caveat: We are still within the very early beginning of this study (October 2013).


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There are mistakes, but we hope our intentions are clear. We move to Step 97.

To represent this step we chose the diameter of a single cell of blood. It's been said, "Blood is thicker than water" and it is.  The study of blood is called hematology. The study of the genetic transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring is called heredity.

Questions abound: What is blood? What within it makes it so very important to sustain and transfer human life? Why does blood manifest within this range (notation, step or layer)? Yes, though blood is four times smaller than a human hair, a water molecule is even smaller.

Key Idea: Each notation is important. Each has its own geometry and parameters, boundary conditions and transformations. There is a lot to study. We are inching along at the beginning of this study within this construct of the universe. Though this scale of the universe may not prove to be scientifically useful, heuristically it has already made a mark.

So, let us move on toward the Planck Length by next going to a water molecule

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