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Open Letter #1 to Mr. Vladimir Putin

Russia Has 23 Key GPS Locations of the 34


Even more detailed maps are being prepared.  Just above are seven red apostrophes of very simple GPS locations; five of these seven are Russia.  There are only 91 spots on earth with these very simple, whole number GPS locations where the latitude is the same number as the longitude.  All the others are over water. This concept is to create a GPS Parkway from a major highway that creates scenic access to each location.  If the concept proves to have merit and becomes popular, possibly a high-speed train could run up the middle of that highway, A working title for these locations north of the Mediterranean is simply The NorthEast GPS Highway, A Global Trust.

This proposal opens areas for tourism that would not otherwise be opened.  It is forward looking.  It is global, but specifically local.  It inculcates a higher order of living.

The 60/60 in the Ural Mountains, not far from Voltsjansk, north of Yekaterinburg, is where this exploration began back in 2007.  Though too expensive and difficult to get to the area from the USA, it became the focus of our attention and thoughts.

GPS 48 to70

From the 48 to 51 in Kazakhstan and 52 to 70 in Russia


From the 41/41 in Turkey, 42/42 and 43/43 in Georgia and 44/44 to 47/47 in Russia and the 48/48 in Kazakhstan

From the 36/36 to the 40/40 in Turkey

Introduction:  With the largest land mass of all countries, Russia has many unexamined and undeveloped assets.  If Russia had the support of the global community, here is a concept that Mr. Putin could begin to test. Maybe you have better ideas. You can send those ideas to him through his Russian website. There is, however, a 2000 character limit, so be succinct! - Bruce Camber

Editor's note (12 December 2016): This email has been updated and resent. The first public reference to it was a homepage on this site on Sunday, 16 March 2014.

Monday morning, 12 December 2016     (updated)  

Dear Mr. Putin:

There are deep-seated, numbers-and-geometries that bind, relate and inter-relate all things in the known universe in less than 201+ base-2 exponential notations.1 Each notation appears to serve a particular purpose in creating  what  order and symmetry there is in our universe. In that light, your personal importance and the importance-and-role of the country of Russia have not been fully grasped. Both your potential and your country's potential are not being maximized.

Today, more than ever, our world leaders need to be very creative. Creativity -- creating work and a deeper understanding of life-- is a better way. Yet, it appears that it always takes a crisis to get people talking and thinking creatively. Here is my suggestion based on a simple concept.

GPS Highway. In 2009, I proposed to the World Bank that they consider initiating a study to underwrite  the construction costs of the first GPS highway from the 36/36 in Turkey eventually up to the 70/70 in Russia. Of these 35 most-simple GPS locations in the world, 23 are in RussiaThe basic concept was roughly laid out on the web here.  That study continues here:

I'll re-insert that list just below and within images on the right.

Numbers and geometries. As a people we are still all quite naive when it comes to understanding the importance of numbers and geometries.  The GPS system gives us an opportunity to focus on the key whole numbers within our life.  Possibly the most important are the ones that capture our age.

In 2007 when I turned 60 and had some discretionary cash, my wife said, "Let's go around the world."  I said, "Let's go on the 60th parallel. Let's go to the 60/60." The closest big city to the 60/60 is Yekaterinburg!  To go along the 60th parallel is virtually impossible using commercial flights.  We ended up in Saint Petersburg and Norway and a little of Iceland, but to get there from Tokyo and Beijing, we had to fly south.  I can see special tour flights that literally follow the 60th and the 50th for those who truly want to saturate themselves in the meaning of numbers, geography and geometries.

Key Locations in Russia:  Each GPS location becomes a destination for the study of number and geometries.  It is all back to the basics and everybody in the world would be invited to those locations for continuing education about the meaning and value of life.

Bring the world's people to your doorstep to learn, spend their money, and to become better people.  This is just one idea.  There are many more related to how each GPS site gets develop within all-weather superdomes and super structures that could accommodate entire villages.  

It is just a thought for consideration. 

I will copy this note to the CEO of the World Bank and to other bankers around the world.  This project can be financed.

Thank you.


Bruce Camber

Editor's Note:  Complete contact information was required to submit this note on the Russian website.

The GPS quadrants below are reflected within the map to the right. Of four possible  places on earth with such simple quadrants, these are the only ones over land. Most of the links from the actual GPS quadrant numbers go to what is known as The Confluence Project, a group that is visiting every whole-number GPS site in the world.  Obviously now, each location could also be be "visited" using Google Maps or any one of the many others including Bing Maps, Mapquest, and Wikimedia.


70/70   About 32.6 km (20.2 miles) ESE of Bovanenkovo gas field, Yamal Peninsula
69/69    About 14 miles from Ust'-Yuribey, Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug
68/68    About 25.5 miles from Laborovaya, Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug
67/67    About 21 miles from Tou-Pugol, in the Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug
66/66    More to come from the Confluence Project and Panoramio

65/65  Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug.

64/64    About 50 miles from Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug
63/63    Northwest of Nyagan,16.4 miles S of Kurt'ya Paul, Khanty-Mansiyskiy
62/62    More to come from Google Earth, the Confluence Project, Panoramio and others.
61/61     Bor, Sverdlovskaya oblast

60/60     Between Voltsjansk and Severouralsk, Sverdlovskaya oblast  

Here is a possible starting point.  The key question will be, "What is significant about GPS coordinates and the quantitative-qualitative divide?"

59/59    Srednyaya Us'va, Permskaya oblast
58/58    Verkh-Lys'va, Permskaya oblast
57/57    Medyanka, Permskaya oblast
56/56    Kum'yazy, Respublika Bashkortostan

55/55   Nizhnyaya Saitova, Respublika Bashkortostan

54/54    Ryabashevo, Respublika Bashkortostan
53/53    About two miles from Urusovka, Orenburgskaya oblast
52/52    Over two miles from Miroshkino, Orenburgskaya oblast


51/51    Zhukalin, Batys Qazaqstan,   Uralsk

50/50   Besterk, Batys Qazaqstan

49/49    Tamaptak, Batys Qazaqstan
48/48 Atyraū,  Aytkaly  and Ondor Ulaan

Russia (continued)

47/47   Over ten miles from Vostok, Astrakhanskaya oblast  Province of Astrakhan
46/46   Over 4 miles from Tavn Gashun, Respublika Kalmykiya

45/45  About 7 miles from Velichaevskoye (beyond the Milk Trade Farm toward Turkasad)

44/44   Near Sovyetskaya and a couple of miles from Lepchanskiy, Stavropol'skiy kray


43/43   Adish, near Davberi, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti and Mastia
42/42   Agaraki, Guria


41/41     Not far from Şenyuva, Rize

40/40    Otlukbeli, Erzincan

39/39     Payamdüzü, Tunceli
38/38     Reşadiye, Malatya
37/37     Çınar, Kilis
36/36     Aydınbahçe, Hatay

Notes and Reflections

There are many dramatic locations along this route from the 36° North Latitude and  36° East Longitude in Turkey to the 70° North Latitude to the 70° North Longitude above the Arctic Circle in northern Russia.

Just one location in Georgia 43°E 43°N appears virtually inaccessible on a step slope of the Gistola (a mountain) in the Svaneti province.  The peak is almost 16,000 feet high, part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.  The closest large village is Mestia, estimated to be about 10 miles west. A very small village, Adish, about 4 km from the site.   The 43°E   43°N is quite literally at the end of a glacial icefield and an avalanche area.

Every location could spark an architectural design contest throughout the world whereby the GPS location numbers, the very nature of the physical location, and the history of the entire region are all taken together as an integrated whole to determine unique style and settings to learn the very nature of that number, its applications, and manifestations throughout the known universe.

The first locations to be considered for development.  The most symbolic number is the age we are.  It communicates a huge data set and establishes a range of expectations.  The most mature, most able, and most endowed age is probably 60 years old and the 60°N 60°E is located in the Urals of Russia, east of Perm and North of Yekatarinburg and Krasnoturinsk.  The next location, also in Russia, might be the 55°N 55°E which is near Nizhnyaya Saitova, Respublika Bashkortostan.

If both destinations were done very well, the entire project could gain some traction and become a focus of global attention. At any one time in any given year, there should be anywhere from 5-to-12 million people who will turn 55 and another 5-to-12 million who turn 60. Target markets cannot be more clearly defined. It could become the world's first destination parkway for most of the world's population from 36 to 70 years old.

From Samanadağ, Turkey to Krasnoturyinsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast in Russia is 4,456 km or about 2768 miles.  From Krasnoturyinsk north approaching the 70°N and °E is the town of Novy Urengoy another 1,743 km or about 1083 miles due north.  This might be the last destination to be developed.  It is rather remote.

Footnotes and Key References

1 An introduction to the Big Board - little universe: Use base-2 exponential notation from the Planck Length (the smallest conceivable, meaningful measurement of a length) to the edges of the Observable or Known Universe (the largest conceivable measurement of a length).

More footnotes will  be added over time.