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Last Update: Friday April 20, 2018

Our World Needs Constant Feedback From The Most Optimistic, Creative And Productive On Earth: Small Business Owners

We can create a common voice.   Currently there is no constant source to provide real data to the nation and the global community about what it is that helps us be more optimistic, insightful (creative) and productive.  The best sources today is the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)  the Small Business Economic Trends and The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index. There are other indices, yet not one goes quite far enough and computes data often enough. The world needs to hear from the advocates and owners of small business entrepreneurship, "What makes us so productive, insightful and optimistic?"

Each survey is really just three questions with three optional  comments fields (you'll see them just below).

It is simple: Take a break.  Participate. Thank you.

What will happen with the data?  Of course, to achieve statistical relevancy we will need to have several hundred volunteers.  Ultimately we will have to have several thousand.  Yet, the optional comment field will tell the story.  After a few have been published, people will get the hang of summarizing with one-to-five words and then there will be a commonality, and categories will emerge, and the comments will become the news.  There will be optional fields to opt in to be interviewed about your vote and your comments.  We are looking to have the index become one of the many voices of small business.

Just three questions and three optional comment fields!