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The Concepts That Drove The Creation Of This Website

`If I don't do this my life will be incomplete.'

The Opening & Closing of Every Episode of this Show.  All of us have ideas for a business and anywhere from 400,000 to over 3 million people act on them every year.  There are so many ideas that go nowhere.  That can change. 

Throughout our life, we all constantly ask ourselves questions about value -- What is the value of my life?  What am I doing to make this world a better place?"  There is a deep-seated desire within most of us  to create something of value.

Life is about creating things and relations of value.  Business is uniquely about value creation (there are plenty of exploitive companies, but they are really not a business).

So, what is your value quotient? Are you giving more than you are taking?

In the opening words of every episode of this show, the focus is on what it takes to create good business. The primary content is always about  business owners who share their best practices and their insights and inspiration for their successes, and their spirit and tenacity to overcome their failures.  These key ideas and first principles continue to be summarized within the close of each episode of the show.

We hope that you enjoy meeting these people.  We have.

- Hattie & Bruce

1.   A Place To Study Best Business Practices: Start, Run, Grow & Harvest
1000+ videos answer key questions. Focus on eight steps. Learn about courage and tenacityIn the USA on PBS-TV stations and VOA-TV around the world.
2.   A Dynamic Help Center To Maximize Return On Investment
Take your equity out but leave the heart in. Everybody can prosper.
3.   A Place To Tell Your Story.  If you can say, "I built a prosperous business around my own ideas, became generous, all while being totally ethical and gracious,"   share your insights. We can change television!  Comments?
4.   A Teaching Center for Fiscal Responsibility & Key Ratio Analysis   Encourage best business practices in every facet of life including government.
5.   An Infrastructure for Thousands of  Producers Around the World  Include the best, like Steven Spielberg, to do  episodes and flood global media with creativity and with sponsorship from some of the world's best businesses.

Case Studies of people who started a successful business.

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Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to solve the problem;
they take it on. They just do it themselves.
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