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TCI Government

Lists of T&C Businesses & Leaders

Misick & Stanbrook

Sampling of People, Leaders in 2009



Premier and Minister of Development and District Administration

Commerce and Development
District Administration
TC Invest Agency
The Government Information Service
TCI New Media Network
Radio Turks and Caicos
The Government Printing Office
The Culture Department
The Planning Department
The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force
The Civil Service
The Protocol Office
The Registrar General’s Department
The Department of Agriculture

Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance & Health

The Central Purchasing Unit
The Computer Systems Unit
H.M. Customs Department
The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics
The Finance Department
The Financial Control Unit
The Financial Services Commission
The Gaming Inspectorate
The National Insurance Board
The Medical Services Department
The Dental Services Department
The Environmental Health Department
The AIDS Department

Minister of Home Affairs & Human Services

The Immigration Department
The Immigration Board
The Labor Department
The Business Staffing Review Board
The Human Rights Commission
The Gender Affairs Unit
The Drug Unit
The Social Development Department

Honourable Wayne Garland, MP
Minister of Tourism, & Airports Authority

The Tourist Board
The Department of Tourism
The Civil Aviation
The Airports Authority
Air Transportation
The Post Office
The Philatelic Bureau

Minister of Education, Youth and Sports

The Education Department
Primary & Secondary Schools
The TCI Community College
The Youth Department
The Sports Commission
The Library Services and the Library Board

Minister of Natural and Coastal Resources

The Land Registry Department
The Lands and Survey Department
The Land Valuation Department
The Maritime Unit
Sea Ports
The Department of the Environment and Coastal Resources
Conservation Department
Coastal Patrol
Parks and National Parks System

Minister of Housing, Works, Public Safety and Telecommunications

Housing Department
Public Utilities
Engineering and Mechanical Services Department (Public Works)
Search and Rescue Services
Fire Services
Domestic Fire Services
Road Safety Department
H. M. Prison Services
Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies
Telecommunications Commission